Success isn’t linear. 📈

You are bound to have slip-ups along the way, to take one step forward and three steps back, to make mistakes and question whether you’re even on the right path. The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t

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The truth about setting boundaries!

We often think we set boundaries to control other people’s behavior… WRONG. If I could control what other people said or did, I would be QUEEN of the WORLD! The truth is, setting boundaries is more about controlling what YOU

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You should go and love yourself!

As Justin Bieber says, “You should go and love yourself!” ❤️ It may have been in a snarky context, but it works here! Our brains’ default setting is to constantly focus on what’s gone wrong and obstacles we may face,

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Are you trying to be perfect?

A+, again. Rock on. You got a perfect score. 💯 But have you ever considered how you may be limiting yourself by always trying to be perfect?Perfectionism comes from worrying about how people perceive you, and it is often responsible

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The challenges of the recent pandemic.

The challenges of the pandemic made many of us think we had lost control of our lives and left us feeling overwhelmed and disheartened. 😑 It’s been over two years since the pandemic started, and while so much has changed,

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