What is comparisonitis and do you have it?

Comparisonitis is the compulsion to compare your achievements to someone else’s in order to determine our value. 😒 It can be SO easy to slip into the trap of comparisonitis, especially in a world where so much of our time

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Are you sabotaging your own self-confidence?

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”–Theodore Roosevelt When you compare yourself to others, you are giving your power away and sabotaging your self-confidence. 🙅🏻 Focusing your energy on trying to look like someone else, be like someone else, or achieve

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What is your anger covering up?

What is your anger covering up? 🤔 Many of us would rather feel anger than pain, fear, or sadness. Anger can often feel empowering in a way. 💪🏼 There is an energy there that can be used to create results…even

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